Himalayan Pink Salt naturally contains 84 different minerals, but is low in iodine and potassium. However, these two are present in sea salt, therefore, for a healthy balance, we recommend consuming both in equal amounts.

Himalayan Pink Salt is hand-mined and does not contain any chemicals, nor is it stripped of its minerals. Its blushing pink hue and all-natural flavor will entice your dishes.

Antarctic Sea Salt is the purest salt in the world! Originating from the unpolluted waters of the Antarctic, this sea salt is as nature intended it to be - pure ocean brine minus the liquid, with no heat processing, no extraction of minerals, and no refining or processing in any way.

This product is also available in 10lbs, 25lbs or 50lbs bag. Please inquire for pricing details.

Bonjour Marketplace - Himalayan Pink (C), Antarctic Sea (C) Salt Blend 2200g

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